How to be effective meeting

I believe that many people are probably bored of the meeting, sometimes meeting for 2–3 hours but it’s quite fragmentary.

To be honest, I believe that 90 percent do not like meeting with people for the following reasons.

“Instead of actually going to work, I had to sit and convene. Really wasting time.”
“Have to sit and listen in matters that are not relevant to me until my own part for a very long time”
“The information is not yet prepared. Work has not done. How to prepare for the meeting?”
“Let’s conclude how to put it together. Finally, I must do anyway”
“Oh, I saw you in this meeting, and I will meet you again and again. Will be vomited up”

Something like this …. Actually, meetings are very useful. Whether we helped brainstorm, find solutions or create new solutions, exchange ideas. Get to know together who does what and what the order is. When do we have to do it?
But meeting more than necessary may cause us to feel tired. So I don’t want to go to meeting anymore

Therefore, today I would like to present my most effective meeting as a Project Manager for a period of 10 years. This technique is based on general meetings such as job status updates, brainstorming meetings, solving problems, meeting design / solution etc. (not including stand up meeting, sprint planning)

  1. Always have an agenda.
    This is very important. Have you ever seen it? Sent meeting appointments such as “Project: xxxx Meeting” but no meeting details. I can say that I found this kind of invitation. I chose not to attend the meeting. Because I don’t know what topic to be discussed. And is it a waste of time? Therefore, the person who created the appointment must know what the topic to be discussed in the meeting.
  2. Assign the attendees correctly
    Invite everyone to join the meeting is a very disastrous action. Imagine that there are a lot of unrelated people coming into the meeting but they created problems even though it wasn’t about him. This is the causing meeting to fail and the show stopper from those unrelated people.
    Therefore, you should invite only those who are really involved and has the power to make decisions on that matter only.
  3. Prepare before attending the meeting
    We have to prepare ourselves before the meeting maybe 30 minutes in the list of topics to be discussed at the meeting. Jot down questions to ask or provide information to support the meeting to help the meeting on issues and save a lot of time
  4. Meeting before lunch break
    For me, this is a very important technique as well. Many people say, “Oh, if meeting before lunch time, how to get in time, so when not eating right” …. Yes, I intend to be like that. Things to do are “Make them on time”
    I normally like meeting appointments at 11 A.M. until at noon, everyone is hungry. Therefore, the meeting participants must hurry to draw conclusions, take the results of the meeting as soon as possible in order to make lunch break
  5. Must maintain time
    Normally, the meeting should have time keepers. Maybe the person who created this meeting, or the Project Manager like me, need to keep the meeting time to be concise, effective.
    If there are many meetings, we should set the time for which the topic will be spoken before the meeting and informed the meeting participants of the rules defined in this meeting
    For the length of the general meeting, I advise not to exceed 1 hour. It is considered raw enough.
  6. Slap on issues
    Many times we will find that someone is talking and flowing, flowing anywhere without knowing that now we are outside the world. Project Manager or meeting organizer is responsible for slapping issues or bring back into the world, into the objectives of the meeting
  7. Summary of things that everyone must go back to do and a joint witness
    Before the meeting You may spend the last 3 to 5 minutes summarizing each topic about what the conclusion is and who will be responsible for doing somthing. Because sometimes we may be misunderstood, for example, to say that Mr. A has to do, but actually must be Mr. B, which will make the conclusion accurate at the end or if we conclude incorrectly there will be protests and corrections. As well as any conclusion that has been lost, we will be able to take more notes. Recommend to summarize every time.
  8. Prepare meeting minutes
    When it came to the face of being bored, the other was to make a meeting report … I understood that it was very boring to have to do type and send to everyone
    I found an example of a minute meeting on the internet that I thought was OK and the most concise. However, you don’t have to sit and do it in Excel or add complex words. You might just be able to summarize to this composition.
  • Meeting details, whatever, whenever (where, it is an optional)
  • The purpose of the meeting
  • Attendees (There can be no here. Because in the end, we will force everyone to be informed by sending a minute meeting to everyone we have invited to a meeting and we may write at the end, threatening that it is considered a conclusion at the meeting and considered that everyone acknowledges together)
  • Agenda, conclusion and the person responsible for that conclusion

Hope you all can use these techniques. I can believe that if you can do this, it will save you a lot of time in making projects meeting. So you do not have to sit in a nonsense meeting anymore.

Project Manager (PMP #2793547), Scrum Master (PSM I #740163)